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 Their are many causes of popularity for fast food restaurants. For one the food is a lot cheaper and it's easily cooked. Now that we have this recession, it's very popular because it's affordable. Three dollars can buy a whole meal! When people go on break from work and dont have much time to sit and eat a good meal it's a lot more cheaper and convient to stop and get something fast. The food is not always good but it is most of the time. Fast food is not very healthy either and it's one of the quickest ways to gain weight. I suggest that fast food should'nt be eaten every day because of the health risks. Teenagers like myself love fast food. After the movies or a long day out it's very convient to get something off the dollar menu at McDonalds, besides there is one on every corner. Lots of elderly people love to hang out at fast food restaurants and have a cup of coffee. Fast food restaurants are changing day to day. Their are flat screens at almost every McDonalds with the news playing and elderly people  love watching the news. I guess that's what draws people to fast food restaurants the cheap, fast, convient, service and the news!!

Bad study habits

i dont study but when i do i tend to watch t.t a lot. i have a very short tension span so watching t.v get me off track. Most of the time when i study there is too much going on for me to focus. If im in a quiet area to myself i think i would be better off. When i should be studying im busy doing things that are less important. For example on myspace and facebook or even sleeping. Next, another bad study habitfor me is studying too much. Sometimes when i do study i study i forget what i have studied. studying gives me really bad headaches and then i just give up. My worst study habit is falling asleep. When most of the time it's already late and im wore out. It's not good to study while you are tired and exhausted. I have always made studying the last thing i do that day and i should't because at that time im tired.Studying is not something im interested in and that's why i have so many bad study habits.



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